Samera Hussain

Photographer Samera Hussain takes her approach in raising awareness about different cultures, but also tends to do a lot of commercial photography. The logo was done by using a minimalist approach to bring across her style through branding, whilst advertising her work. The client requested a design which would represent her personality traits, but also […]


From personal experience, it can be quite hard to move away from home. Many things are different and family and friends are missed. But often people can‘t fulfill their habits, like they would at home. This is the case of many international students who have difficulty in finding familiar grocery stores, bars or other things […]

Cell Phone Symphony

The set brief was about promoting the Cell Phone Symphony event by Golan Levin, in the form of a poster. Cell Phone Symphony, composed by Golan Levin, is an event featuring music composed via interaction among the audience‘s cell phones. The outcome suggests auditory experience as well as the idea of technological and social interaction. […]


Judging from research, there still is a big bullying problem worldwide. This often starts in school, where many students feel unheard and vulnerable. Studies have shown that people often don‘t want to open up about their problem, as it makes them feel like they are admitting being a victim. This app, called ‚Listen‘ suggests a […]