Judging from research, there still is a big bullying problem worldwide. This often starts in school, where many students feel unheard and vulnerable. Studies have shown that people often don‘t want to open up about their problem, as it makes them feel like they are admitting being a victim.

This app, called ‚Listen‘ suggests a new solution for students who feel in need. ‚Listen‘ allows students to have a private chat with authorities, who will then share suggestions on how to resolve the situation. Additional options are added for the student side of the app, such as a quick dial to childlike.

The teacher’s side of the app focuses on coming up with resolutions as quickly as possible, as well as always having an open ear for the student. They have archives for messages and suggested solutions to keep a track of what has been happening. Everything stays confidential unless the teacher recognizes the danger, in which the app offers a speed dial for emergencies.

The app aims to be a help for hurt students without feeling the pressure of having to speak in person. It has been designed through considering the colour scheme and UI/UX, making the app calm and balanced.